Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The auction doesn’t take place until April, why do I need to donate now?
A: There are many steps your auction team needs to complete from the time we receive your item until it’s ready to be put up for bid in either our live event or online auction. Please help us keep our sanity by not waiting until the last minute! In addition, we need the support of our entire community to make this event a success, so we need to get moving NOW in order to reach our donation goal!
Q: I’d like to ask my favorite store or restaurant to donate, but how will I know if someone else has already asked them for a contribution?
A: There is no way for us to keep a complete and updated list of every business that has been asked or has already given a donation. However, it is our experience that stores and restaurants are happy to hear from their most loyal customers. In fact, they are more likely to donate to someone who supports their business than to respond to a generic request that is one of many they receive each month. So, ask away! The worst that can happen is they’ll tell you they already gave and you will be able to thank them personally!
Q: I don’t feel comfortable soliciting donations from businesses, can I still donate?
A: Absolutely! Some of our best selling items come directly from our families. Parents love to buy creations such as jewelry, knitting and gifts from other parents. Top sellers also include certificates for services such as landscaping, babysitting or baking. If you need more ideas, please see our wish list or ask us for more ideas!
Q: I have a bunch of toys, books or clothing that my family can no longer use, would that make a good donation?
A: While we appreciate the thought, we will not accept used items for the auction. These items are best donated to another charity. If, however, you have new toys, DVDS or similar gifts that you cannot use, please bring them in!
Q: I remember attending a fun party last year. How can I host one this year?
A: Thornton Creek families love to attend special events with others from our school community. Consider hosting a party around your interests or talents! Love to cook or bake, create or socialize? There’s a party for that! Please contact us for more information.
Q: I’m still not sure what to donate. Can you give me some more ideas?
A: Please see our wish list or stop by our donation drop off table Thursday and Friday after school to chat with the auction team!
Q: How can I get my donation to you?
A: Contact us