What We Need

A successful auction starts by successfully soliciting donations. We kindly ask that every family donates at least two items to the auction this year. Think UNIQUE! Think, “What do I love?”

Things That Sell Well:

  • Restaurant and Retail Gift Certificates: Gift certificates are always best sellers. Ask your favorite restaurant, store, gym or recreation spot to donate.
  • Travel and Recreation: sailing, skiing, or weekend getaways at area hotels, cabins, or other favorite locales.
  • Gourmet Feasts Delivered or Cooked On-Site: such as a Chinese meal for eight cooked at the winner’s home
  • Home Improvement: Work parties or services to enhance house and garden
  • Sports and Event Tickets: such as Sounders games, Mariners tickets or passes to a museum or theater
  • Hosted Parties: themed group gatherings for children or adults purchased by the seat
  • Restaurant and Retail Gift Certificates: shopping and dinner out is a favorite experience!
  • Pampering and Professional Services: such as fitness classes, massages, art classes, or salon/spa gift certificates

Things That Don’t Sell Well

While it’s true that your junk might be someone else’s treasure, please consider donating the following to another charity.

  • Used Items
  • Clothing
  • Software
  • Books

Need more help with ideas?

Click here for YET MORE ideas for things to donate!!