More Things You Can Donate

(as individuals or together with a group of people or even as a classroom)!

Theme Baskets

  • TGIF. Nice bottle of wine, 6 pack of beer, home made appetizers and a few movies.
  • Wacky Hair Day. Colored hair spray, hair glitter, hair accessories, disposable camera.
  • New Baby. Swaddling blankets, handmade toys, pacifier, diaper cream, baby shampoo, onesies, all in a baby tub.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean. Bag of Pirate Booty, chocolate gold coins, a model ship kit, and a DVD of the most recent movie.
  • Baker’s Dozen. Baking mixes for cakes, brownies, pancakes, pie crust, pie fillings, rolling pin, glass pie pan.
  • Beach Blanket Bingo. Colorful towels, plastic pail, shovels, beach ball, umbrella, cooler, frisbee, portable radio, sun block, and funky sunglasses.
  • Rainy Day Survival. Puzzles, board games, deck of cards, Mad Libs, popcorn, ingredients to make cookies, classic books and movies.
  • Gardening basket. Garden gloves, shovel, seeds, spray can, fertilizer, soaker hose, sprinkler.
  • Camping basket. Flashlights, tent, compass, local area hiking guide, lantern, cook stove, outdoor cooking pot and utensils, canteen, camping foods, and gift certificate for outdoor recreation store for sleeping bags.
  • Tea Party. A variety of teas, biscuits, petit fours or tiny cakes, tea set with cups and teapot.
  • Julie and Julia. High end cooking dishes, Julia Child cookbooks and DVDs of her show, the book and movie Julie and Julia, and a French cooking class for the winning bidder and friends.
  • Emergency Readiness Kit. First-aid kit, bottled water, transistor radio with batteries, flashlight, matches, lightweight blanket, dried or freeze-dried food.
  • Ultimate Fan. Team jersey, team hat, tickets, peanuts, Cracker Jack, binoculars, banner, team flag for car.
  • Learn to Knit. Knitting needles, yarn, pattern books, knitting magazine subscription, completed scarf, knitting class for winning bidder and friends with local knitting guru.


  • Viva la France! French-theme dinner with French wine, food and music.
  • That’s Amore! Italian-theme dinner with Italian wine, food and music.
  • Sake and Sushi. Japanese dinner may be all fish or include cooked specialties as well.
  • Caribbean Queen. Share the dream with some colorful cocktails and spicy dishes that will bring out the island hopper in all your guests.
  • Fondue For You! Three courses – cheese with apples and bread, then the savory meat course, and finally the chocolate course with strawberries and pound cake.


  • Kids Tea Party: Host a group of kids for an afternoon of tea and treats
  • Poker/Pool/Darts tournament: A fun afternoon complete with beer, snacks and a prize for the winner of the tournament.
  • Kids Sports Afternoon: Indoor or outdoor fun for all. Basketball, baseball, soccer, frisbee, anything goes!
  • Book Group Party (could be for kids or adults): Choose a book that the groups reads, then host an evening to discuss complete with food and drinks based on the book. Could even watch a movie or go to an author reading relating to the book.


(things that might not cost you anything to donate but that everyone would want to buy!)

  • Kid Care: Child/baby sitting, mother’s helper, parents night out for a group of kids
  • Home Care: Gardening, house cleaning, closet organizing, gutter cleaning, power washing, window washing, car detailing (in and out)
  • Pet Care: Dog walks, pet sitting, pet grooming, pet portraits